These potatoes make chips that are golden, crisp on the outside but fluffy in the center. Every batch is thoroughly checked in test kitchens for its quality, dry matter and freshness before packing to guarantee you get the perfect chip.


These specifically graded, large potatoes give you many cooking options. They are perfect for making Jenga Chips, Parmentiers, Cylinders, and round and oval Fondants in various sizes.


These oval shaped potatoes are washed and specifically graded to an ideal size for the chateaus or cut roast specification. When fried or roasted, the waxy textured potatoes will produce a wonderfully golden brown, crispy end product with a fluffy center.

Class 1 Oranges

Class 1 oranges packed in our boxes are graded appropriately and will only contain the sweetest and juiciest oranges from every batch making them just right for table consumption. We also supply Class 2 oranges for the processing job.

White Onions

We are able to source large quantities of both red and white onions from the UK, Netherlands and Spain.

These cooking onions can be boiled, steamed or fried and used in the preparation of a variety of dishes. They have a golden yellow yet firm skin, with a whitish flesh and tend to be very flavoursome.

Red Onions

Similarly to the white onion, these can be cooked in a variety of ways. Slightly sweeter in taste, the skin is an extremely dark red with the flesh being a mix of light red and white.